The Power of AQUASAP™


After 12 years of trails and marketing in India and other parts of the world, AQUASAP™ has just entered the North American market and is being introduced for expanded use for the 2015 growing season. Crop trials around the world have proven the effectiveness and efficacy of the use of AQUASAP, derived from sea plant Kappaphycus alvarezii, to improve quality and yield for crop production.


Benefits include:

  • improved root and shoot growth
  • improved fertilizer efficiency
  • increased speed of cell division and elongation
  • increased soil nutrient availability
  • increased fruit number, size, color and sugar content
  • improved nutrient uptake
  • delayed senescence
  • reduced effects and faster recovery from abiotic stress
  • reduced overall cost of inputs


AQUASAP is an ideal addition to conventional growing systems and provides a natural and bio-available source of plant growth promoters, macro and micro-nutrients and amino acids that improve overall quality and yield of crops.


AQUASAP is made from the extract of the sustainably cultivated and harvested sea plant, Kappaphycus alvarezii. The product is derived from fresh seaweed, which is processed within 24 hours of harvesting and carries all the qualities of kelp along with high concentrations of potassium as well as high levels of growth promoting substances such as cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins.


AQUASAP is delivered in a super-concentrated form that’s easier to store and use than regular kelp with a longer shelf life when stored in ideal conditions.


AQUASAP has been tested for over 12 years and the research studies demonstrate that application of AQUASAP improves germination percentage and reduces seedling transplant shock, helps with development of a stronger root system which ensures better nutrient uptake from the soil, acts as a natural soil conditioner and increases microbial activity in the soil which helps to regenerate soils which are continuously damaged from overuse of chemicals. Further, it increases the plant's ability to withstand and combat abiotic stress.


The product has delivered average increases in yield of between 15-20% across crops in various climatic conditions and soil types. AQUASAP has been shown not only to increase the fruit size but also to positively impact the fruit nutritional content. When applied to oil yielding crops, AQUASAP promoted the vegetative growth, yield and oil content. Even under rainfed conditions, AQUASAP offers to be a promising option for yield enhancement.


AQUASAP is naturally-derived and is delivered in a water-soluble form that is water soluble, so it's very easy to use in all growing environments, and can be applied through soil drench, drip irrigation and foliar spray (conventional, electrostatic or aerial). AQUASAP can be sprayed at any time in the growing cycle, including fruiting stage, without risk of staining or damage to delicate fruits.


AQUASAP 100% soluble seaweed extract powser is an extremely affordable way to improve production, reduce plant stress, improve marketable yield and reduce input costs. In general, AQUASAP is recommended for use on all crops and to be applied at a rate of 200 grams per acre (500 grams per hectare) at a nominal cost, per application.


AQUASAP is a 100% organic product and the manufacturing of it is completely free from any chemical extraction, which makes it completely safe for humans, livestock and the environment. It is approved for use in organic production across North America by the USDA, Ecocert, ProCert, CDFA. Plus, AQUASAP is OMRI Listed.